Wedding Coordinator: The Rev. Canon Jordan F. Casson, Rector | | 610-259-7871

In the Christian faith, marriage is the covenant between two people entered into before God in the Church. It is never seen as a private event and, for that reason, weddings take place in the presence of Christian witnesses and invited guests in the presence of God in the St. Michael’s Chapel or Church.

Marriage is a sacramental institution, given to us by God for our mutual joy and is the visible sign of the mystery of the union of love between Christ and the Church – a sign of gracious, sacrificing, faithful love. It is a lifelong commitment by two people to love, honor and cherish one another through life in faithfulness and true godliness.

Please contact our Wedding Coordinator, The Rev. Canon Jordan F. Casson, Rector, by calling 610-259-7871. He will assist you planning the ceremony and answer your questions about the preparation process.

Requirements for Marriage at St. Michael’s

At least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian and should be an active contributing member of St. Michael’s Church or the child of parents or grandparents who are active members of St. Michael’s.

Both parties must state their commitment to fulfill the promises and vows they make. They must meet the obligations of marriage as understood by the Church and be willing to enter into a minimum of three premarital counseling sessions with members of the clergy.

A person, or persons, who have previously been married and divorced must secure written permission to marry from the Bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. The Bishop’s consent will be granted upon the recommendation of the Rector and his attestation that the couple intends to make the Episcopal Church the religious center of their lives. This intention is normally demonstrated by meeting the obligations of a communicant, by regular attendance at services of worship, and by financial support of the work and ministry of St. Michael’s and God’s Church.

People who reside in the area should be active members of this parish. We believe a shared religious life will strengthen your marriage, and by your example, strengthen the lives of other people.

Pre-Marital Planning

Requests for a wedding date can be made by calling the Wedding Coordinator who will place a tentative date and time on the Church calendar. The Rector must approve your marriage after which a booklet will be sent to you with an enclosed Information Form. This form should be filled out and returned to the Wedding Coordinator. The Rector will assign one of the clergy to work with you through your planning and counseling.

The initial meeting with the clergy is to ascertain that all requirements of Canon Law, and of the Parish can be met. Following this meeting, the date and time can be officially entered on the Church calendar and plans may be made for the ceremony with the help of the Wedding Coordinator.

The Ceremony

The Marriage Rite is found beginning on page 423 in the Book of Common Prayer or other, approved Rites of the Episcopal Church. Canon law binds us to adhere to the rubrics of the rite.

A celebration of the Holy Communion with the Marriage Rite is a full and graceful expression of the Church’s understanding of Holy Matrimony. When Holy Communion is distributed, all baptized Christians are invited to receive the Sacrament. Holy Communion is not a requirement for weddings.

One of St. Michael’s Parish clergy will preside at the service, and, with the Rector’s permission, guest clergy may assist. Invitations to guest clergy are extended by the Rector.

Marriages do not take place during the Lenten Season or on Sundays.

Arrangements for The Ceremony

The Church accommodates about 90 guests and the Chapel accommodates about 600.

The Clergy and Wedding Coordinator will be present at both the rehearsal and the wedding and are responsible for all arrangements of the ceremony. There is no need for outside consultants for the ceremony itself.

The family provides the flowers for the ceremony to be placed in the two brass vases at the altar. Liners for these vases may be picked up at the Church office at the beginning of the week of the wedding. If flowers are left in the Church, they will be taken by the Pastoral Care Commission to homebound or hospitalized parishioners on Monday morning following your wedding.

The Wedding Coordinator must approve requests for other decorations.

Photographs, video tapes and recordings may be taken, but flash bulbs and high intensity lights are distracting and should not be used during the ceremony. Photographers are not allowed to move around during the ceremony.

Photo sessions before and after the wedding, reception lines or any other activities must be approved by the Wedding Coordinator before being scheduled.

Printed programs are the responsibility of the couple.

Rice, confetti, flower petals, and other congratulatory missiles may not be thrown on Church property.